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God Is Knocking

Crushing Fear
Crusing Fear

Crushing Pride

God Uses Our Trials to Bring Us Back to Him

God Is Knocking

One Man’s Account of God’s Never-Ending Pursuit of Love
By Daniel E. Murray

Have you ever heard God calling to you? Would you know if He was? Would You listen? Would you do as He commands? Are you willing? Do you know we all have a calling from God? The question is: Will you answer when He knocks or will you deny Him access to your heart?

A life in God’s will is the most fulfilling life you can have. Have you ever felt something was missing? If your answer is yes, that is God calling you. He wants to give you everlasting life and bless your life more than you could ever imagine. He wants to give you happiness, peace and joy. He wants to give you the desires of your heart.

All He requires is that you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and agree to follow and seek His will. When we resist, our lives always seem to be dominated by things of this world and sometimes even disastrous results occur. But when we live the life God requires of us, we are covered by His blood and His promises will protect and promote us into supernatural living.

In ‘God Is Knocking,’ Daniel Murray describes in detail the battles he faced in his life and how God delivered him from those through tough love and His word. He explains his frame of mind and how God brought him back to a life of love, peace and praise through His son, Jesus Christ.


Defeat the Crippling Power of Fear Through Jesus Christ

Crushing Fear

How to Declare Victory Over Satan’s Fiercest Weapon
By Daniel E. Murray

Fear is something everyone faces at one time or another. It can paralyze us, keeping us from the will of God and is a tool Satan uses to keep us from our destiny — a destiny God planned before we were even born.

God commands us to Fear not and His word instructs us to turn our fears over to Him and trust Him to lead us through life by faith. Cast your fears aside today. Leave your fears at the cross and trust God to fill you with His perfect love — a love that crushes all fear. Let Him lead you through life by faith, into His perfect will for your life.


Recognize, Avoid & Defeat

The Pitfalls of Pride 

Crushing Pride

How to Conquer the Sin of Self & Come Into God’s Full Glory

By Daniel E. Murray

God wants to bless our lives in every way, but when the enemy slips pride into our minds, we switch our focus from God to ourselves. God does not bless our efforts when we have prideful intentions.

Learn how to recognize pride in every area of your life, and how to crush pride and submit to God’s plan for your life. When you do this, you will experience the abundant blessings of God.

About the Author

Daniel E. Murray

After a recent health scare and subsequent spiritual and physical attacks, Daniel E. Murray was compelled by God to begin writing down his experiences, learnings and messages from the Lord. 

The outputs of this journey to date, ‘God is Knocking’ and ‘Crushing Fear,’ are a direct result of Mr. Murray’s studies, prayers, readings and listening to the voice of God as it relates to real-life trials in his life. Several other works are in progress and his hope is others can learn from these efforts and gain a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ.

Mr. Murray lives on the east coast and is married to his wonderful wife, Jen who aids in these efforts and is a powerful source of encouragement.